It’s the most wonderful time of the year


Or so they say, anyway.

But I shall come out of my Grinch cave for a second to wish you all a very Merry Christmas (or whatever it is you celebrate, since we’re being PC and all, I guess). I’m sorry I haven’t posted much at all this year, but I hope you’ll forgive me with all the holiday forgiveness in your little K-drama loving hearts. I’ll be back in the new year with some very opinionated things to say about dramas. I…hope.

(I should just stop making promises on this blog. It just gets me into trouble.)

Hey look, a cute Christmasy video!



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YouTube Clip Of The Week: 13/12/22

Because I’m gonna miss all the kids from the first season of Dad! Where Are We Going?. And because I’m feeling…gooey. Like…honey. Mmm…peanut butter and honey sandwiches…


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Oops I did it again?

dashing through the NO

(Sorry about the Britney reference…but no, I’m not sorry.)

Has it really been almost two months since my last post? I honestly thought it had been like, a week or something. Okay, so I didn’t think it was a week…maybe two weeks? It helped my conscience feel better, okay?

But really, this is a K-entertainment blog, and I have not been keeping up with, well, anything. At all. Thus the no posting. I haven’t even been keeping up with Twitter. It seems that people are really into Reply 1994 nowadays, but that’s all I know. I’m not even sure if I finished a single drama this year…oh wait, I finished Queen of the Classroom. How productive of me. I don’t know what’s the hot It show, which shows deserve more recognition, which shows suck, who’s dating who, who broke up, yadda yadda yadda…and it’s been kind of liberating.

But it’s probably time for me to catch up again, since it looks like I’ll have a bit more time on my hands in the coming weeks. So tell me, the five people who still bother to visit this blog when you get a notification that I’ve posted: What should I be watching?



(Oh god, my ovaries!)


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YouTube Clip Of The Week: 13/10/20

Song Chang Shik = love.

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YouTube Clip Of The Week: 13/10/13

I’m just on an Autumn Vacation kick lately…

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Expectations vs. Reality: The Sad Fangirl Edition


I said I would be back, and I am back.

Get ready for the snark.

Love Meter:

Match Made In Heaven
Pure Unadulterated Hatred

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YouTube Clip Of The Week: 13/09/29

My blog is nothing but a vehicle for me to recommend awesome old Korean artists. I can admit that now.

So here, have some Sunflower. Because they’re awesome.


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