Chun Jung Myung Is BACK!!


Chun Jung Myung is officially done with his two years of army service! He began active service in Kyung-ki province on January 2nd, 2008, and was released on November 27th.

His nickname while in the army was “Devil Trainer” (which is stitched onto the side of his hat), so called for the tough and fierce way he oversaw the training of soldiers under his command (he was promoted to the level of trainer after his hard work was noticed by his superiors).

He said with a smile: “I was grateful to the people who accepted my calls whenever I collect called them. Most people didn’t accept the collect call and just hung up, but (Go) Hyun Jung noona always accepted them. I’m so grateful to her.” He also spoke about seeing Jo In Sung (whom he’d been friends with before military service) and Lee Jung while in the military (both stars enlisted fairly recently). He also stated, “Yesterday I was surrounded by my military peers. I think I signed about 300 autographs. It didn’t seem real that I was being released. I was so happy I couldn’t sleep last night…As I was walking out of the military compound, it felt like I was walking the red carpet of the Pusan International Film Festival.”

HURRAH!!!😀 I’m so, so happy. I’ve missed this guy. I’m proud he fulfilled his service so well. I can’t wait to see which project he’ll choose for his comeback!





(Via Asia Economy)


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11 responses to “Chun Jung Myung Is BACK!!

  1. thundie

    BEST Thanksgiving present!

  2. hjkomo

    Hear, hear!😀

    “Devil Trainer” – all I can hear from that fear-inducing moniker is….A-DOR-A-BLE!

  3. Good news, indeed!! Best incentive to finish Goodbye Solo — and maybe rewatch Fashion ’70s and What’s Up, Fox?

    Devil Trainer!! He really did his best during his military service…

  4. ditdut

    AAAHHH!!! I thought he was getting out January next year. OMG, I’m literally in a hype right now. Gawd, I miss my Chulsoo!!

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  6. ripgal

    Everyone’s so happy….and SO AM I!!!

    Who doesn’t love this guy?

  7. Oh, I’m glad he is coming back. I love him in Fashion 70. He is so cute in his military fatigue uniform.

  8. elise

    oh, i am so happy! can’t believe it’s two years already!

  9. Jenny

    Yay, Gong Yoo will be relseased in december so yay for both!
    I loved him in What’s up fox.

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  11. diana lee

    i love you chun jung!

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