Ryu Seung Beom Cameos For “Pasta”


Actor Ryu Seung Beom, who also happens to be actress Gong Hyo Jin’s boyfriend, has filmed a scene for her currently airing drama Pasta in a cameo appearance. He plays himself as a grumpy top star, who is an annoying customer in the restaurant where Gong Hyo Jin’s character works. He orders a dish that he ate in Italy that isn’t on the menu, and Gong Hyo Jin and Lee Seon Kyun’s characters make it together.

Ryu Seung Beom filmed the scene on the 29th, and reportedly joked to Lee Seon Kyun, “I wish you wouldn’t be so mean to Yoo-kyung (Gong Hyo Jin’s character)”, causing all the staff to burst out laughing.

Gong Hyo Jin and Ryu Seung Beom have known each other since elementary school, and after years of friendship, became a public on-again off-again star couple.

I love this couple. They are so great together. And it’s so cute that Ryu Seung Beom agreed to a cameo appearance in this show.šŸ˜€ Yet another reason to keep watching Pasta

(Via Newsen)


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4 responses to “Ryu Seung Beom Cameos For “Pasta”

  1. ripgal

    Awww.. that’s so sweet!

    And OMG, they’ve known each other since KINDERGARTEN? Woah~~

  2. daheefanel

    Oops! My mistake – they’ve known each other since elementary school, not kindergarten. Still, that’s pretty impressive, no?

  3. Hind

    oh my! so cute of RSB …
    love the drama & this will make me love it more too ^^
    thanx dear Dahee for the article ^^

  4. More

    elementary school? how cute is that

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